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Highly qualified English Polish translator and entrepreneur, business coach and consultant, quantum chemistry researcher and lecturer. Translation specialities: Business, Scientific and Medical Translation. Bilingual with two bilingual daughters; vivid reader.

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  1. Hi!

    Congratulations for the blog! I am a Brazilian translator living in Dublin in order to improve my language skills, I hold a degree in translation and interpreting. I must say it is a shame what this agency is doing, unfortunately this is what is happening around the world once many agencies do not care about the qualifications you have or not. They just want someone who “says” that speaks English and accept how much they pay. Well, it is a single job for such agencies, I have had bad experiences and after that I just do not work for them. Smart clients pay the price 🙂

    Cheers, Marcondes

    • Hi Marcondes,
      Many thank for sharing your thoughts. I absolutely agree with you, it is a shame that so many agencies compromise on quality and pay little in order to earn more. That is one side of a coin. The other is what I am deliberating about in my post – that the agency actually offers different levels, openly giving an option for a poor quality translation. I find it appalling.
      Regarding agencies and their low rates – this results, as you said, in bad translations. Unfortunately the clients (usually blue chip companies or big NFPs) do not realize how bad quality translation they deliver and risk the company reputation. I have seen a lot of documents on the web translated into Polish which read worse than the documents written by an uneducated person. Shame!

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