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Versatile blogger award

I was offline for most of today and when I finally logged onto Twitter this evening, I found out I had been awarded a Versatile Blogger award by Ewa Erdmann @transliteria.

I feel truly honoured, especially because Ewa is a fantastic blogger herself, who bloggs about translation, language, marketing and law.

I was a bit confused first when I saw a Twitter message congratulating me on getting a Versatile Blogger badge. I have never heard of it before but I quickly found out and I am so pleased I got one. THANK YOU very much, Ewa .

The accompanying rules for this award are as follows:

  1. Thank and link back to the blogger that awarded you the badge.
  2. Share 7 things about you.
  3. Award 5 or 15 other bloggers
  4. Contact these bloggers to let them know about the award.

Now there are 7 facts about me:

  1.  I hold Master’s degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. Plus a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Thinking hard what to study next 🙂
  2. I worked as a lecturer and researcher in quantum chemistry at one of the major Polish Universities for 13 years.
  3. Through the years, I held various roles: teacher, business consultant, translator, conference organiser, cross-boundary networker, curriculum coordinator, entrepreneur.
  4. I found my soul mate and decided to move from Poland to the UK and have a career break, during which I carried out various pro bono roles including setting up and running Polish school, and being a member of various boards of directors.
  5. I am passionate about languages and became a real bilingualism expert when successfully bringing up my two daughters.
  6. I am a night owl, ENTP-type, volunteering for everything, talkative, loving helping people, multitasking and networking.
  7. I love books, good food, travelling, different cultures, computers, learning and meeting new people.

I would like to award the badge to the following blogs:

 Polish translations by Ewa Erdmann @transliteria

John Paul Aguiar @JohnAguiar

Marketingwizdom by Robert Clay @marketingwizdom

Adventures in Freelance Translation by Catherine Christaki @LinguaGreca

My Lord, my fam, my job, my friends by Olga Arakelyan @olenkaarakelyan

Leadership and rock’n’roll by Peter Cook @academyofrock

These bloggers truly deserve this. And I hope you will pass on the love to the other blogs out there. Happy blogging!