Humour is the first of the gifts to perish in a foreign tongue. Virginia Woolf 

Based on my educational background (MSc in chemistry, PhD in Theoretical and Physical Chemistry, MBA), I specialise in business, scientific and medical translations.

I also help small enterprises to achieve their vision efficiently and effectively, using my experience in marketing, business models and their practical application together with my in-depth knowledge of both British and Polish culture.

Some of my projects have included:


·        Websites, articles, blogs, press releases and surveys

·        Manuals for computer programs and packages

·        Conference programmes and promotional materials

·        Annual reports

·        Patents

·        Contracts

·        Leaflets and promotional materials

·        Patient information leaflets, summary of product characteristics (SPC)

·        Product profiles

·        Research publications and conference presentations and posters

·        Educational materials

·        Certificates, immigration documents


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