Monthly Archives: April 2012

Coming back after a break…

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post. I am both impressed and pleased to come back and see that despite lack of my blogging presence, people still read and comment on my blog, and I even gained a few followers! Many thanks guys for stopping by and finding my writing interesting:)

So what I have been up to? Shortly – too many things at once, typical for me, but all of them quite exciting. I have been madly networking, mainly because it is one of my passion – meeting people and organising events, but also because I am working on my new venture, Inspiral Enterprise.

I have been working on my new logo with lovely Ken Lloyd, who designed a pretty cool logo for me. I am currently working on the content of my website, and on my business offering, which is oh-so-exciting. And adding to that my usual busy schedule – translation, managing my local Polish organisation and family/children related duties, days seem to be too short.

Anyway, I hope to start my venture very soon, and will be soon blogging more about serious business development stuff, so stay tuned:)