Trying my abilities in logo design

Having decided to have a relaxing evening, I thought it would be a good idea to try different logos I had in mind. I came up with the simple one above, which I think captures quite well the key aspects of the business – English <-> Polish translation with a bit of navy blue to underpin the Union Jack contribution.

I must admit I am quite pleased with the final result, although one of my dear friends thought it was a bit too minimalist:) She knows, however, that for me less means more:)))

I would be more than happy to hear your opinions about the logo, there is always room for improvement!


About acgtranslation

Highly qualified English Polish translator and entrepreneur, business coach and consultant, quantum chemistry researcher and lecturer. Translation specialities: Business, Scientific and Medical Translation. Bilingual with two bilingual daughters; vivid reader.

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  1. Just a little tip – you might want to save it in .png format. That works much better quality for the same size of file, as it encodes the image data in a way that works well for large blocks of text of the same colour.

    Always be a bit wary of red, as some find it hard to read against, and others find it aggressive.

    • Thanks Rose, very valuable comment. I actually saved it in .png format but had quite a lot of different files so the PP one went to the blog, or .jpg I can’t remember:) I was also concerned about red in the logo, but wanted to combine it with the national Polish flag, which is white and very fierce red. Hopefully if the logo is not too big, it will not be too disturbing.

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