Polish Translator and Business Consultant helps businesses expand into the Polish Market.

By Dr Aga Gordon                Follow me on twitter @acgtranslation

This is my first press release I sent tonight to the local paper in hope it gets published in their business section. Fingers crossed:)

Poland has become one of the largest and fastest growing emerging markets in Eastern and Central Europe since joining the EU in 2004.  Furthermore, the large Polish community is now an extremely important part of the UK demographic makeup.  It offers endless opportunities for SMEs willing to increase their ROI through expanding their client database. Thanks to globalisation and the ease of communication afforded by the Internet, such an opportunity lies within reach. However, expanding into such a promising market should be planned with care to ensure success.

Acgtranslation, owned by Dr. Agnieszka J. Gordon, a bilingual and bicultural business consultant, is dedicated to helping businesses ensure that their expansion into the Polish market is successful.  She says: ‘When planning to enter the Polish market, a professionally translated and properly localised website is certain to play the key role in directing your marketing messages.  This requires familiarity with the culture and customs of the prospective client.  Furthermore, it is crucial to appoint a professional who not only speaks both languages, but is also an expert on Polish culture and a marketing and business specialist. Your selection of a translator should not be guided simply by price, but rather requires someone who can craft your message to the target market, and can guide you efficiently towards the customers’

In you are interested in expanding into the Polish market, please contact Agnieszka Gordon.  She will be delighted to offer language, cultural and business consultancy advice, and help you with bespoke translation of your company website. For more information visit www.acgtranslation.co.uk or call 07878 957519 to discuss your particular needs.


About acgtranslation

Highly qualified English Polish translator and entrepreneur, business coach and consultant, quantum chemistry researcher and lecturer. Translation specialities: Business, Scientific and Medical Translation. Bilingual with two bilingual daughters; vivid reader.

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