Transliteria and her new role

This post is the first one of a series of guest posts. I intend to share my blog space with the selected fellow translators, whose work I highly value and with whom I share a highly pleasurable networking experience on Twitter.

Guest post written by Ewa Erdmann .           Follow her on Twitter @transliteria

Transliteria, Polish translation services, and the Polish Courier – the largest Polish weekly magazine in the South of England – have significantly expanded their collaboration into marketing and advertising. So far, Ewa Erdmann, the owner of Transliteria, has been a journalist for the Polish Courier, writing articles on legal and social issues as well as covering local and global news. This has earned her considerable credibility among her clients, who are confident that Ewa makes the best use of her legal expertise and linguistic skills in translation.

Impressed by Ewa’s success as a reliable journalist and a translator with a well-established brand which she has built up from scratch, the Polish Courier has offered her a freelance position of a marketing and sales executive. “I was absolutely delighted with the offer, as it reflects the trust the Polish Courier has in me. This is definitely a very challenging role but it has already opened up some doors giving me the opportunity to work with local businesses – both English and Polish – helping them reach a large group of Polish clients living and working in the South of England”- says Ewa.

Established in 2006, the Polish Courier is a weekly magazine with an estimated readership figure of 20,000. It is available free of charge and is distributed in over 100 distribution points including Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton, Portsmouth, Salisbury and Isle of Wight.

If you would like to learn more about the Polish Courier, and how it can help you expand your client database, contact Ewa on 07851666508 or email: and you will receive our full media pack with all the detailed information you need.

About the author:

Ewa Erdmann is  a qualified translator and interpreter working in Polish and English. Born in Poland but currently lives in the UK, where she runs her translating business from Bournemouth. Ewa translation specialisations include law, business, marketing, engineering, oil & gas, education, employment, health and more. She also lends her legal expertise in Polski Kurier, a local Polish magazine, where she pens a weekly column on legal issues.


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Highly qualified English Polish translator and entrepreneur, business coach and consultant, quantum chemistry researcher and lecturer. Translation specialities: Business, Scientific and Medical Translation. Bilingual with two bilingual daughters; vivid reader.

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